Our universal replacement propellers are designed to hold their balance in the toughest applications. It is less expensive to install a new replacement propeller than to replace a damaged motor.

Propeller balance is sensitive and can be negatively affected by slight pressure. Simply resting the motor and propeller assembly on the ground after disassembly from a condensing unit can make a propeller unbalanced. This is especially true of original equipment propellers because they are constructed of lighter gauge material. Using an unbalanced or damaged propeller can ruin a motor.

The propellers are 100% inspected and precision balanced. Identification labels are applied to blades before balancing. Therefore, removal of a label can affect the balance of the propeller blades.

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5-Blade 10" 31° CW Hubless Style Propeller

Fan blade, 10" Diameter, 31° Pitch, Clockwise Rotation, Depth 1 5/8", RPM 2400, Manufacturer: Lau