A12-12ACE Blower Assembly

Belt Drive Blower Assembly, Manufacturer: Lau
SKU: BA000456
Manufacturer part number: 38243420M


K- 15 3/4" E- 13 7/16" A- 20 7/16" B- 19 5/16" (see Image 2)

Shaft Size- 1"

Includes: Blower Wheel (BW000677), Shaft (BP000826), Sleeve Bearing/Pair (BP000785), Ball Bearing/Pair (BP000808) and Housing Support Kit




Applications: Residential, Light Commercial

Removing Hub from Blower Wheel

Step-by-step instructions on removing the hub from a blower wheel using a hub puller.

Replacing the Blower Wheel

Step-by-step instructions on replacing a blower wheel.

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